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One would say that this is not news, that it’s nothing new, that they have been doing so for such a long time, that would not be true, maybe there has been live porn for quite a long time on the Internet but not live porn starring famous porn models, for example Pornstar Aaliyah Love or award-winning Karlie Montana, have you ever seen them fucking live on cam? I seriously doubt it, unless you have been visiting a website that has the exclusive rights for these two girls that I have mentioned and also another 900 famous, popular, gorgeous and filthy minded girls just like them… And of course famous because they are all pornstars!

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So not only Hot Pornstars, but famous and extremely experienced, those same girls that you have watched and jacked off to on DVD, that you have seen several times on the magazine such as Playboy or Hustler and the same girls that pick up the yearly awards in Las Vegas at the AVN convention, yes them in the doing it live each and every one of the shows last roughly 2 hours and it costs you$per show, you heard right I’m not getting you there are no hidden fees I am a member myself and I would not lie to my readers it cost me $.99 per show to watch.

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So this website is called Find Local Milfs and therefore the girl that is in the image below really makes no sense that she is present in this blog post, then you would be wrong, she is 22 years of age she is a mother of two children, one of them is four years old and the other one is two years old and that makes her officially a MILF. She is one of the members from Charlotte South Carolina and she is looking for sex in her town, she is not looking for a relationship she already has one, her husband is in jail and she is looking for some fun behind his back.

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I myself thought that I had seen this chick already in one of thoseLive Porn video shows, the ones that has the famous pornstars fucking live on WebCam, I’m afraid that she’s not, she’s just a normal girl and certainly not a porn model, but however as you can see she has all the specs to be the perfect pornstar if she wanted to.

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It is a matter of fact that live porn videos are at the very top of the porn list, so let’s say we get 100 individuals from anywhere in the world we put them all together and we have them make a search, we tell them to search for their favorite adult entertainment sector on the web, well it doesn’t come to a surprise to me but 51%, actually it is 51.3% will search for life porn videos. Out of that 51% 29% will actually search for anything related to Milf webCams, and that also doesn’t return as a surprise to me.

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The fact that there are places on the Internet today that offer MILF babes having sex life, just like if it were a real porn video, for instance Pornstar Phoenix Marie fucking live on WebCam, is not a myth it is a solid reality and there are a few places where you can actually watch her have sex, but dauntingly wrong not only with herself but with a real cock, that’s why they call them live porn videos, juicy rum gone with this?

Well actually I am done for now this is the first blog post on this website, I just wanted to get my feet wet with you all, I already know that this website has been visited several times in the past day that he has opened its doors, so I will invite you to come back and to check this out basically whenever you can because we are reviewing websites even more often than usual. Whoever knows me knows that I am a fair and balanced reviewer, I have been an editor for the past 13 years and the next review that I will be giving is a college sex videos websites that has quite a buzz out there on the street because of its unique amateur porn content, so like said we will be talking about that after that I checked it out and seeing what it is all about.